Psychology, Law, and Neurodevelopment Research & Policy Group

Psychology, Law, and Neurodevelopment Research and Policy Group

Welcome to the PLAN Lab!

The Psychology, Law, and Neurodevelopment Research and Policy Group seeks to improve outcomes for vulnerable populations in both community and justice contexts, with a particular focus on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), across the lifespan. Within a framework of forensic, developmental, and clinical psychological theory and science, our research seeks to understand and address the needs of youth and adults with FASD and their caregivers from a lifespan perspective, identify risk and protective factors associated with justice-system involvement and other experiences, and develop, implement, and evaluate solutions to support healthy and positive outcomes. Translating knowledge to inform policy is a critical aim of our work.

Currently, our research team is involved in a range of projects, including developing evidence-based FASD identification and screening approaches, understanding how legal evidence about FASD is applied, evaluating psycholegal abilities of youth, including those with FASD, and more! We use a range of interdisciplinary approaches and methods in our research. If you’re interested in potentially participating in our research, you can review a list of our current studies.

The PLAN lab also places a strong emphasis on providing opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate learner development, mentorship, and collaboration on research projects, publications, and policy activities. Learn more about current opportunities to join the lab on our get involved page. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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